Floorball Program

Introduction to Hockey

Floorball is both an ideal introduction to hockey for new players and  an effective off-ice skill development tool for current players. The lightweight equipment and lack of stick and body contact decreases the large range of skills between new- to-hockey and experienced players, ensuring that all players have the opportunity to participate, are engaged and can benefit from the game.

The lightweight equipment will help new- to-hockey players to improve their stickhandling, passing and shooting skills off the ice. It will also enhance the skill development of experienced players by allowing them to develop better stickhandling abilities, quickness and hand-eye coordination, which are directly transferred back to the ice. Floorball is a high-intensity sport where players must quickly change directions, providing all participants with hockey-specific off-ice conditioning.

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For more information, please contact: schoolprograms@hockeycanada.ca