Molson announces million dollar donation for gold

Molson Million for Gold to Help Team Canada Hockey Excel at Salt Lake City

December 14, 2001

MONTREAL - Molson today announced a unique donation designed to help boost Canada's National men's and women's hockey teams' medal results this February in Salt Lake City.

Molson Million for Gold - a $1 million incentive to inspire both of Canada's National hockey teams to bring home gold medals - was unveiled by Molson President and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel J. O'Neill together with Canadian Hockey Association President, Bob Nicholson, Team Canada Executive Director, Wayne Gretzky and Canada's National women's team General Manager and HeadCoach, Danièle Sauvageau at a special event at Molson's Montreal brewery this afternoon.

Molson's $1 million donation consists of $500,000 each to Canada's 2002 National men's and women's hockey teams should either or both win the gold medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games. Earlier this year, in recognition of the economic strain that elite athletic training can put on both the athlete and their families, Molson provided $275,000 in advance funding to assist the women's team with daily per diems, travel, equipment, additional coaching staff and also to help some of the athletes bring their families to see them compete in Salt Lake City in February. Upon winning the gold medal, Molson would provide an additional $250,000 to the players and coaching staff of the women's team for a total of $525,000.00. Should the men's National hockey team bring the gold medal home, those team members will receive a total of $500,000.00 which will then be directed to Canadian hockey development programs and initiatives."No one can deny the great feeling of country, of accomplishment, of excitement and pride that Canada would have if our National teams were able to bring back gold medals for hockey from Salt Lake City," said Daniel J. O'Neill, Molson President and Chief Executive Officer. "I think everyone across Canada would feel incredibly proud. Once and for all, we would show the world we are the masters of our game."

"Having been a Canadian Hockey Association sponsor for a number of years, Molson admires the incredible commitment and dedication of our Canadian athletes. We want to show our appreciation and support in an innovative way that helps lighten some of the financial burden, enabling our National hockey teams to focus on their training needs and ultimately bring home gold medals," Mr. O'Neill added.

"Molson Million for Gold is the first time that a donation has come right into the team's dressing room. Many players on our women's team have to support themselves with full-time jobs while undertaking the gruelling training and travel that comes with being a National team hockey player. This funding makes the road to Salt Lake City a lot easier," says Bob Nicholson, President, Canadian Hockey Association. "The funds are going directly where it's needed – a portion up-front to our women's team members with added incentive should they bring home a gold medal, while our men's team members would like to donate their gold winnings to the development ofCanadian hockey programs and initiatives."

Molson Million for Gold is another example of Molson's deeply rooted commitment to the development of Canada's national sport. For over 50 years, Molson has established and maintained an unparalleled network of relationships with hundreds of teams and leagues across the country-from every Canadian NHL club, junior hockey leagues and the men's and women's national teams to adult recreational and community hockey clubs throughout Canada.

Molson (TSE: MOL.A) is Canada's pre-eminent brewer with more than $2.5 billion in annual sales. Founded in 1786, Molson is North America's oldest beer brand and a global brand name with products that include Molson Canadian, Molson Export, Molson Dry, Rickard's and the Brazilian beer brand, Bavaria.

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