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Interested in becoming an NCCP-certified hockey coach?

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) will give you the confidence to guide, support and train your players on the ice.

Certified hockey coaches from Hockey Canada's NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program)

The NCCP equips hockey coaches of all levels with the skills and knowledge of the game to work effectively with their developing athletes.

Whether you’re coaching your child’s hockey team or you’re already the head coach of a national hockey team, the NCCP has workshops and clinics to meet your needs. Within the Hockey Canada structure, the Community Coach Stream, Competition Introduction Stream, Competition Development Stream and Instructional Stream are delivered at the provincial level.

How much time does it take to become an NCCP-certified coach?

It depends on the level of training required. Individual workshops can be completed in a single session, and some can be taken online at your convenience or via home-study. Coaching clinics are delivered through each provincial and regional Member. Clinic schedules can be obtained by contacting your Hockey Canada Member.

Where do I start? 

Read the training descriptions below and decide which one best describes you and your coaching needs.

Community Sport
  • Coach 1 – Intro to Coach
  • Coach 2 – Coach Level

You may already coach at the community level or you’re thinking about coaching. You may be a parent whose child is involved, or a volunteer who works with participants of all ages that are new to the game of hockey.

  • Development 1
  • High Performance 1

At this level, you’re typically a hockey coach with previous experience, or maybe a former athlete. Perhaps you already coach a hockey team at the regional or provincial level, and you want to work with athletes long term to improve their performance.

  • Instructional Stream

Instructors in this stream are required to have sport-specific skills and training, whether at the beginner or advanced skill level. Many are former hockey players.

Learn about NCCP levels and requirements

Now that you have an idea of where you might fit into your NCCP training, read more about the NCCP Levels and Requirements.

For more information on the National Coaching Certification Program for hockey coaches, visit the FAQ page.

*Please contact your Member for more information.
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