Esso Fun Days

How to Host an Esso Fun Day

Hosts must be affiliated with a local hockey association in good standing with their respective Member/member partner. Hosts should fill out the online application at least four weeks prior to their proposed program date. Please apply to host your program early, even if you are planning for the end of the season and do not have your date secured.


All applications are reviewed and approved by Hockey Canada and the respective Member/member partner. Please allow for 10 business days for notification of approval.

Responsibilities of a host

Read through the program manual and begin planning your program
Following approval, Hockey Canada will send the host a confirmation email outlining the next steps, a program manual, a host marketing tool kit and the objectives and expectations of the program.

Hosts are responsible for securing ice time, off-ice venues and planning the activities for their program. The host must identify and recruit volunteers (lead on-ice/off-ice instructors, safety person, registration, etc.). Hockey Canada recommends an instructor-to-participant ratio of 1:5. Refer to the program manual for more details.

All local hockey associations must adhere to the most up-to-date public health and safety protocols, Member Return to Hockey guidelines and In addition, all LHA and facility guidelines must be followed.

Advertise your program to drive registration
Utilize the resources in the host marketing tool kit provided in the confirmation email to locally market the Esso Fun Day. Make sure to use your community to get the word out about the program. Community event boards, advertising in the rink, local schools, social media and websites are great places to advertise your program.

Collect information and register all participants
The host will receive a Hockey Canada online registration link to register all Esso Fun Day participants. For insurance purposes, every participant, on-ice volunteer and coach must be entered into the registration system at least 10 days before the players get on the ice.

Ensure players have access to full equipment
On Page 4 of the program manual, hosts can find more information about the basic equipment requirements for new players. Hosts should incorporate a plan to assist new players with securing equipment for the Esso Fun Day program.

Contact Hockey Canada for jerseys
To ensure all programs across the country have access to jerseys, there is a maximum of 30 jerseys allowed per program. Jerseys are limited to new-to-hockey players only, not currently registered players, on-ice instructors or coaches.

Ten business days prior to the program, the host community must request approximate sizes and number of jerseys by emailing Please provide the best shipping address (no P.O. boxes), phone number and approximate number of jerseys needed.

The week leading up to the program, upon completion of registration, the host will be sent an Esso Fun Day host package, which includes:

  • an Esso Fun Day jersey and puck for every new-to-hockey player
  • Esso gift cards for program prizes


Have fun!
During your program day, make sure you are set up to provide players with a fun, safe and positive hockey experience. Be creative with your games and activities and allow the players to build new friendships to keep then engaged in the sport. Make sure to provide parents with information towards registration in the upcoming season or the ability to register that day (if available).
Submit wrap-up form and receipts and/or photos with release forms
Subsidies are available for all Esso Fun Day hosts to offset the costs. To receive its subsidy, the host community is responsible for sending in the program wrap-up form, along with receipts, within 30 days of the first program session. Wrap-up forms can be found in the program manual and can be sent by email to or by mail to:

Hockey Canada
Attn: Esso Fun Day Program
201-151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, AB
T3B 6B7

For a one-day program, the reimbursement amounts to a maximum of $400 and covers the following items:

  • ice rental, off-ice facility rental, cleaning supplies (up to $350)
  • advertising (up to $50)


For a six-week program, the reimbursement amounts to a maximum of $800 and covers the following items:

  • ice rental, off-ice facility rental, cleaning supplies (up to $750)
  • advertising (up to $50)


Any costs above these items will be the responsibility of the host organization.

If the host community intends to use photos for web, social media or to send back to Hockey Canada, all parents/guardians must fill out the provided video/photo release form. Photos are not a mandatory requirement of a host. Photos and release forms can be emailed to

Re-connect with players to encourage registration prior to next season
Whether the program falls prior to a season or towards the end of a season, make sure to keep in touch with participants to ensure they have the appropriate information to be able to register for the upcoming season.

*All Esso Fun Day images were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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