Welcome to the Hockey Canada Concussion Toolbox. Hockey Canada through its Members continues to ensure a safe and fun environment for all of its players. An important component of injury prevention is addressing concussions in sport and providing the information required to prevent, recognize and incorporate a responsible return to play protocol if a concussion is suspected. The Berlin Consensus statement on concussion in sport has identified changes to concussion management and we are pleased to introduce you to information on the Berlin Consensus statement and to the revised Hockey Canada materials based on these changes. We urge all players, parents, coaches, safety people, trainers, officials and administrators to become familiar with the information presented here as well as with your Member and Minor Hockey Association information related to this very important topic.


Hockey Canada is committed to maintaining the health, well-being and safety of all its participants. Safety is a top priority for those participating in the sport of hockey.

Hockey Canada recognizes the increased awareness of concussions and their potential long‐term effects. This policy is intended to be a tool to assist in proper management of those who have a concussion or are suspected of having a concussion.

Prior to reviewing this information listen to a very important message on player safety from Hockey Canada’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Aubry

Prevention = Skill Development


One of the key components to prevention is player skill development. To learn about this important step download the Hockey Canada Network App and enjoy all the great content!

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Berlin Consensus statement on concussion in sport


The Hockey Canada materials have now been revised to reflect the new information presented in the information provided in this document.

Consensus Statement
Hockey Canada Overview

Concussion Recognition Tool version 5 (CRT5), the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool version 5 (SCAT5) and/or the Child SCAT5


The SCAT 5 and child SCAT 5 are standardized tools for evaluating concussions designed for use by physicians and healthcare professionals. As such, they are not provided in this section.

The Concussion Recognition Tool 5 is provided here for your information and is meant for those that are not a physician or health care provider.

Download your copy of the Concussion Recognition Tool 5

Hockey Canada Concussion App


The Hockey Canada Concussion Awareness app is a great tool for parents, coaches, trainers, players, administrators, and anyone interested in learning about the prevention, recognition, and response to a concussion, including responsible return-to-play protocol. The app also includes information for young players and the Puckster Star Challenge game for kids.

Note – Remember to refresh your Hockey Canada concussion app periodically to obtain updated information!

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Hockey Canada Concussion Card


The Hockey Canada Concussion card has been created to provide quick and easy to find information on concussions. Information includes signs and symptoms, when to get immediate medical assistance, and the 6 step return to play strategy. This is a great tool for coaches, trainers, safety people, and parents.

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Awareness Flyer


This flyer has been created for easy download to allow distribution to team parents or to post on the facility bulletin board. Let’s work together to get the word out on concussion prevention!

Learn it! Practice it! Pass it on!

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Team Meetings


Make player safety a priority at your team meetings, and don’t forget to talk about concussion prevention using the materials and information provided in this toolbox.

Also available on the Hockey Canada Concussion App!

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meeting agenda

Hockey Canada Emergency Action Plan


The coach, manager and safety person should initiate a meeting at the beginning of the season to ensure they have the volunteers required for their Emergency Action Plan and that all involved with the plan are familiar with their roles!

Also available on the Hockey Canada Concussion App!

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Hockey Canada Concussion Resource Webpage


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