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Hockey is Hers
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Canada’s Game Belongs to All Canadians

Hockey Is Hers is our commitment to help the girls and women of Canada get involved with hockey. Hockey has undeniably positive impacts on the people who play, and we believe those impacts should be shared by all – regardless of gender.

To ensure we achieve a long-lasting and genuinely positive impact on the female game, we have focused our funding into three strategic imperatives – the development of female coaching, recruitment and retention of girls in the sport, and the support of our Canada’s Woman’s National Team.

When you give to Hockey Is Hers, you help share a Canadian tradition with Canada’s girls and women. You demonstrate to the woman who represent Canada on our national teams that their level of play and work commands respect. You help local coaches and leaders continue to build connections and confidence in youth across the country. And of course, you send the message that hockey is hers to girls and women everywhere.

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Learn about how coaching, recruitment and retention, and the National Women's Team impact the female game:


Girls in Hockey, Need Women in Hockey

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We believe girls should be able to play hockey in a safe environment where they can be themselves, learn, and have fun - and we know that these kinds of environments only exist when the right coaches are on the ice. Because of this, Hockey Is Hers is dedicated to supporting female coaches, so that they can continue to create positive environments, serve as role models, and help younger players develop a lifelong connection with the game.

Women have long been a crucial piece of the mosaic that is Canadian hockey. While we are proud of the intangibles the game offers to better the women who play it, we must also recognize the benefits they bring in raising hockey to a higher level. This is especially true behind the bench, where increasing the number of female coaches will provide role models for young girls, keep them in the game and increase the likelihood of staying involved as coaches themselves when their playing days are done”

– Tom Renney – CEO, Hockey Canada

Our Efforts

The Woman Master Coach Summit

A weekend gathering of Canada’s leading female hockey coaches that will engage them in hands-on workshops, and expose them to speaking engagements delivered by influential female coaches across multiple sports. Participants will get the chance to discuss and consider the challenges and opportunities surrounding women’s leadership in hockey.

Support Our Coaches

Help us develop and support the coaches and leaders of the female game by donating.


Recruitment and Retention

Girls Grow with Hockey

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The recruitment and retention components of Hockey Is Hers are built on the core idea that good things happen when girls get in the game. Self-confidence, health, social connections, and academic performance all improve when girls get on the ice.

Because of this Hockey Is Hers is dedicated to recruiting and retaining girls in hockey so that the future of the woman’s game remains bright.

Our Efforts

Dreams Come True

A financial support program that subsidizes registration, equipment, and session fees so that families facing hardships can get their girls involved in hockey.

NHL/NHLPA First Shift

A six-week program that introduces hockey to children ages 6-10 who might otherwise never experience the sport. The program provides fully fitted sets of head-to-toe equipment, 6 on-ice training sessions, and a safe environment where girls can develop an appreciation for the game.

Esso Fun Days

An all ages introduction to female hockey that is free for the participants. The program removes financial barriers to participation and provides a fun and inclusive environment where girls and women can make connections with each other, learn the basics of hockey, and build self-confidence together.

Support our Girls

Support girls focused hockey programs and participation by donating.


National Teams

Giving High Level Respect to Our High-Level Players

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Women who play for the national team not only represent Canada, they serve as role models for girls across Canada and show them that women have a bright future in the sport. We believe that supporting girls in hockey also means supporting the women in hockey who have reached the highest level of the game. Hockey Is Hers is dedicated to extending that support to the Canadian national team players.

Our Efforts

Strength and Conditioning Camp ($150,000/year)

High performance conditioning and professional development for involved staff.

Senior Leaders Workshop ($50,000/year)

Off-ice development of female leaders in hockey with an emphasis on skills enhancement, accountability, and what it means to be a leader for future generations.

Position Specific Camps ($100,000/year)

High performance training camps focused on specific roles, play-types, and positions.

Re-introduction of Goalie Camp ($115,000/year)

A 3-4 day camp that focuses on goaltending technique and development.

Support Our Women

Support our National Women's Teams and their pursuit of excellence by donating.